Human-Centred Design

Human-centred innovation is the scenario where I intend to spark new challenges and inspire change for social impact through adaptive thinking. I advocate a Design Thinking methodology that encompasses the breadth of opportunities to tackle wicked issues that we all face every day. A Design Thinking toolkit depicts the source to reframe any social and business scenario differently as much as to provoke a different style of action.

I have created my pathway on learning by doing and experiencing change that leverages my ability as an innovation facilitator. A practical postgraduate degree in Managing in the Creative Economy at Kingston University in London has opened up a new on-going drive to entrepreneurship with human-centred design approach.

There is a new vision for the future to recognize a collaborative culture through a human centred design approach. My purpose is to engage constantly myself and get individual and organizations involved in the springboard of motivation, creativity, social impact and design thinking. My recent blog called ‘Change the river’ is the next step to nourish my challenge to uncover and share new frameworks and principles.

I believe in encouraging new competencies and knowledge sharing meaningful projects and actions with social impact. Combining these drivers and grappling with thorny issues and needs such as future of learning and education, community challenges, scarcity of resources, a ‘disruptive’ scalable solution to a social need must be undertaken.

In February 2016 I spent one week with 25 students from different disciplines at European institute of Design in Rome, (IED Rome University). Every year the university holds the event called IED Factory where a cross-pollination of skills and backgrounds mingle to boost creativity, diversity and collaboration. Twelve workshops take place and the students are bound to deliver a final project after an intense week of activities. I designed the workshop to introduce the Design Thinking approach and to instill creative confidence.